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Dog Classes

Our group classes are back as normal, please see the timetable for class times, you do not need to book a place, just turn up before the start time. We are still adhering to social distancing guidelines and sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available.

Please note that if you are a new customer, you will need to download and complete a registration form and bring it with you to your first class

Gun Dog Classes

Our gun dog classes are also running as usual, please see the timetable for class times, you do not need to book a place, just turn up before the start time. We are still adhering to social distancing guidelines and sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available.

One to One Lessons

We are pleased to advise that our one to one lessons are still able to go ahead even through this current lockdown. Please contact us to book a slot. All lessons will take place under cover outside so please dress warmly for the weather. We ask that only one person attends the lesson so that we can stay within the relevant Government guidelines.

So if you are requiring some help, whatever the issue, in a safe and secure environment, please ring Hayley on 07877 977407 to arrange a date and time convenient for you.

We will continue to monitor the Government's guidance regarding social distancing so we can resume normal classes as soon as possible whilst keeping you safe, so please check back here for more info as the lock down continues.

Stay Safe everyone!


We offer a variety of classes to suit you and your dog. From group classes to individual lessons and specialised training.

What to bring with you

Other than you and your dog, you will need to bring the following items along with you to any of the group classes:

  1. Any lead. As training progresses, the trainers will recommend appropriate collars & leads, particular to your dog.
  2. Treats for your dog (chopped hot dog sausages are ideal).
  3. Poo bags.
  4. Please wear sensible shoes which you don't mind getting mucky.
  5. Payment for four weeks credit (cash or card only).

Puppy Classes

Puppies can attend classes after their 2nd vaccination.

Your 4 week course (preferably consecutively) is a good entry level for puppies, encouraging social skills & confidence building for dogs up to 8 months old. Your class includes our three essential elements to puppy training.

Obedience and Manners

Group classes advocating pack structure and obedience. Allow your instructor to guide you through the basics of obedience by introducing you and your puppy to Marker Training (reward training). This training is designed to encourage & develop good manners in your puppy.

Also included is advice on feeding & health.

* Please ensure you collect a pack structure leaflet (and a small reward for your puppy).


To help further socialise your puppy, a puppy pen is used to introduce your dog to other puppies. Your puppy will spend about ten minutes in a staff supervised pen with three or four similar aged & sized puppies. Over the weeks, watch with delight, as your puppy`s social skills grow, as they interact with the other pups.  

Confidence Building

Also, new to Puppy training, a `Confidence building course'. The course is ideally sized for puppies. Challenges include, tunnel, see-saw, dog run and the `pool of plastic`. This course gives your puppy an introduction to new and unfamiliar sounds, obstacles & movement.The course aids your puppy`s development, by making the challenges, a positive experience for them. Over the weeks, your puppy will learn to overcome these mini challenges. Your puppy`s confidence will increase, enabling them to brave the outside world.

Many people wish to continue training with their dogs, so we can advise which classes are the most suitable as you and your dog gain confidence and seek a more challenging class.

Beginners Classes

Beginners Classes are for dogs aged 8 months or older, if you're dog is less than 8 months please consider our puppy classes.

Intermediate Classes

Group classes which include heel work; distance work (such as sit, down, stand); retrieving and directional control. Customers will be moved into these classes at the instructors request.

Advanced Classes

Group classes offer further training on the intermediate level activities and also develop commands through voice only and through hand signals only. Customers will be moved into these classes at the instructors request.

Group classes which teach all round general obedience; moving onto long line training for recall; distance work and ball reward are suitable for any age or breed of dog.

Confidence Equipment

Now Included In All Classes

Confidence building work is now included in all classes and is suitable for every age of dog. Regardless of whether you have a puppy, young dog or older pooch, Mellor Dog School staff will continuously re-design the course throughout the classes, so it is suitable for your dog, regardless of its age & size.

As well as being great fun for all levels of ability, the agility equiptment will aid in building your dog`s confidence in the following areas:

  • Heights
  • Dark enclosed Spaces
  • Unfamiliar movement
  • Loud noises

These activities also aid in obedience and directional control.

Includes agility equipment such as:

  • A-frame and jumps (over 12 months only)
  • See saw
  • Dog walk
  • Large and various sized tunnels
  • Pool of plastic
  • Poles
  • Hoops and hops

Included in every group class, time and numbers permitting. If you are interested in session solely to practice using this equipment, please contact us to arrange.

Alternative Classes

One to One Tuition

The one to one lessons are individual, 40 minute lessons dealing with problem or aggressive dogs. The lesson includes training on behavioural aspects together with obedience and manners.

One to ones are also recommended when `starting out` with your dog as a brilliant way to start off your new friendship.

Times arranged by appointment, please ring Mellor Dog School to book. Tel: 07877977407

Sheepdog classes

We are pleased to announce we can offer sheepdog training classes and one to one training! Have a bored collie? Bring them down. We can either see if they have the aptitude for working sheep or may benefit from obedience training. Please contact Hayley on 07877977407 for more details and to book in.

Gun Dog classes

Currently held on Saturday afternoons at 2pm.

Group classes for amateurs and also up to trialing standard.

Rabbit pen also available.

Please ring for more details, Tel: 07877977407

Schuzhund Training

Schutzhund is a sport for working dogs in protection. It is a technique which is based on prey drive, building drive and focus.

An enjoyable class for dogs, without bringing out aggression.

Please ring Mellor Dog School for more info. Tel: 07877977407